Capitol Riot captured ‘Caveman’ from Brooklyn after outing himself

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Photo: Manuel Palsy-Senita / Associated Press / Shutterstock

Trump’s supportive son of a Brooklyn judge dressed as a caveman Storming the US Capitol The authorities said that last week he was arrested in New York on Tuesday, and entered his mouth.

Aaron Mostovsky was photographed and photographed during the attempted coup, wearing fur and a tactical jacket with “Police” written on his chest. Yeshiva World Spread Videos that appear to show FBI agents outside the Flatbush residence this morning, carrying what appears to be the same fur clothing Mostovsky wore during the riot. Mostowski’s father is Shlomo Mostovsky, a judge in the Kings County Supreme Court and “a prominent figure in the Orthodox Jewish community”, like New York Mail put it.

Mostovsky is accused of stealing government property, felony, and many other crimes related to his entry into the Capitol. Mostovsky, 34, faces a maximum of 10 years in federal prison if convicted of the largest count.

In a video interview from inside the Capitol, he told Mail last week That we have been “cheated”. “I don’t think 75 million people voted for Trump – I think he was close to 85 million,” said Mostovsky. “I think some countries that have been red for a long time have turned blue and have been stolen, like New York.”

Not surprisingly, Mustowski’s statements and social media helped prosecutors pursue him. In the statement of facts filed with the criminal complaint, an FBI agent specifically cites MailIn an interview with Mostovsky, he stated that he made these comments inside the Capitol building, and afterwards Mail Know article.

The FBI began conducting a review of Mostofsky’s social media accounts on January 7, the day after the riots. The Instagram account “aaron_mostofsky_official” contained videos from inside and outside the Capitol that were recorded by “a man believed to be Mustovsky,” according to court documents. The court document states that “one of the videos posted on January 6, which appears to show Mostovsky on a bus and appears to be a self-captured video, has been named” a stopover bound for the capital. “

The social media review also revealed a photo another user sent to Mostofsky on January 7, “showing him inside the US Capitol building carrying the US Capitol Police Riot Shield containing the US Capitol Police logo, as well as wearing a US Capitol Police officer.” The court found that a bulletproof vest bore the name “Police.” The items totaled more than $ 2000. The document indicated that “the photo is consistent with the photographs taken from a news interview of Mostovsky from inside the US Capitol, including Mostovsky clothes.”

The meme shown below was created from the photo and is included in the court document. Mostowski’s picture captioned, “Imagine you’ll come with ten strokes of acid and look around and gore in the American capital like shit.”

Photo: U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York

Someone sent a message to Mostofsky about the photo, and wrote, “Your [sic] Mashoor. He reportedly replied:[I know] Unfortunately. ”When asked“ why unfortunately, ”he replied,“ Because now people already know me. ”In the same conversation, Mustovsky discussed being in the building, and wrote,“ But it was as if I was here now how did I get there. ”

In a letter before the January 6 riots, when Mostovsky was coordinating a meeting with a friend, he wrote, “If we find each other[,] Look for a caveman. ”He also allegedly wrote,“ Even a caveman knows that [the election] he stole.”

Mostofsky was called almost Tuesday for a high-quality video broadcast that includes whistling, whether it be a groan or yawning, and at least one burp before it begins. Mostovsky was asked if he could hear things, and then said he could, before the conclusion became superficial. His attorney, Geoffrey Schwartz, commented on the video at one point: “He’s in and out.”

While they were discussing bail, Judge Neal asked Mosvetowsky’s brother – who acts as Aaron’s third-party guardian – about their relationship. “We’re very close,” said Neil. “I talk to him a lot.” When the judge said he would have to inform Aaron if he violated bail, Neil replied, “I understand.”

The judge agreed to release him on $ 100,000 bail on Tuesday. Mostofsky, who will wear a GPS monitor, is banned from going to political rallies and the government capital – which the FBI has warned will face armed protests. He was also banned from leaving New York City and speaking with known mobsters.

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