NFL deals big back will result in sour grapes

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There’s really no denying that Cook, Kamara, and the others are helpful players helping their teams win. But college ranks produce dozens of hard-core, fast, decisive, and affordable dashers in every pilot class, while the rigors of indulging in the teeth of the NFL’s defenses quickly erode all but the rarest of the backs.

The difference in marginal value between the 26-year-old All-Pro with 1,000 pro carries on his odometer and the typical rookie novice doesn’t come close to costs: about $ 12 million a year for a veteran, and less than $ 2 million for a Hamilton track record.

Moreover, a novice is more likely to achieve positive results. Of the 15 runners who sprinted more than 1,000 yards in the past season, 12 were in their original rookie contracts and 13 were aged 25 or younger. Ezequiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys was the only 1,000-yard extension last season playing on contract extension for the team that penned him. Thanks to his $ 90 million generosity eruption towards Elliott, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is currently looking for a loose change in his salary ceiling sofa cushions so he can pay the pay of full back Dak Prescott.

Last weekend’s work was full of examples of the folly of overpaying for running. Cook lunted 50 yards and two landings on 12 cars, while Alexander Mattison lashed the lower-wage reserve 50 yards identical to six carts. Malcolm Brown, Gurley’s low-cost alternative to the Rams, rushed 79 yards and two drops, while Gurley gained 56 yards and had one Hawk landing.

The Jacksonville Jaguars released Leonard Fortnite instead of paying Camara Cook’s money in late August; He lunted five yards for the Tampa Bay Pirates on Sunday, while Illinois rookie James Robinson managed to get 90 yards from a brawl at Fortnite’s place in a Jaguar win.

General managers and coaches know that contest runners rarely pay dividends on lucrative contracts. However, they continued to convince themselves that every case is an exception. Kamara is an essential part of the Saints’ Super Bowl puzzle, so why not risk mortgaging the future? (Ask the Rams for Gurley.) McCaffrey and Kamara are versatile racers, so they’ll age a lot more gracefully! (So ​​was / Bill). As for Cook, well, Vikings simply enjoy paying retail for brand name brands.

Some teams also want to reward successful employees like Camara and Cook for their hard work. This is a laudable policy in my league that rarely does anything commendable. Junior joggers sell T-shirts, stimulate the imagination, provide excitement and inspire dreams; It’s hard to criticize their large paychecks without seeming like a short-sighted bean counter.

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