Why do Trump fans think polls verified via mail from Amazon are fraudulent?

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Before finally resorting to conspiracy theory Hugo Chavez’s zombie implanted an algorithm for casting votes into Dominion polling machines, Trump’s original election-stealing plan focused on discrediting voting by mail. His supporters still Claim that voting by mail is full of fraud. Their latest “evidence” is Amazon’s effort to prevent its workers from voting by mail in an election to organize a factory in Alabama.

Amazon workers in Bismere, Alabama, want to vote in favor of creating a union in their warehouse. It is understood that they would rather hold the elections by mail than forcing employees to cast their votes in person during the pandemic. Amazon management disputes this. Conservatives see this as evidence, in a way, that the mail vote must really be rigged.

A group of Trumpian media sources, from RedState to me Tucker Carlson to me Donald Trump Jr. It happily captured Amazon’s opposition. It is true that there is a contradiction between Washington’s position Mail Take polling by mail and the position taken by Amazon administration. Here, across the Red State, is a right-wing analysis of the contrast. It’s proof that Amazon knows mail polls are a fraud, and is opposing it for this reason:

What’s unfair or safe about 6,000 employees getting ballot papers in their home, Bezos? Are you afraid that union members will intercept ballot papers before employees receive them? Do you fear union goons will harass the employees for voting because they too will be able to access the employee list and addresses? Are you afraid that union fools will show up in employees’ homes to collect ballots?

Are you afraid that the vote count will be messy and imprecise in the extended election timeframe? Are you afraid that it will be difficult to know if an employee has returned a certain ballot paper or if someone returned it fraudulently?

Another possible explanation is that mail polls are not subject to fraud, and that Amazon’s opposition has other motives. Perhaps, just maybe, the primary goal of a company that is struggling to prevent its workers from organizing is not to hold the most fair elections. Perhaps Amazon’s goal is to defeat Al-Ittihad. And they might believe that making it difficult for workers to vote is likely to lead to a positive management outcome.

The liberals have a very easy way to address the contradiction between MailReports on the ballot mailed to and against Amazon: First, Bezos is not dictating MailReports or editorial line. Second, Republicans oppose voting by mail for the same reason Amazon does: they both believe they can polarize voters by making the vote more risky and increasing their chances of winning.

By contrast, the right’s analysis is meaningless – unless you assume that Jeff Bezos’ motives in handling his workforce elections must be pure.

The Trump right has shown a great show of populism, as it has positioned itself as the forgotten man-in-law and enemy of the world class. But this is merely a position to discredit liberal democracy and the welfare state. When you delve into the details, they implicitly trust Jeff Bezos. They don’t want to stop Bezos from crushing his workforce; Their only accusation is that Amazon refused to help suppress voters in the same way.

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